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Why choose us?

Baked Earth has had numerous years of involvement in the natural handmade terracotta.

The reputation of our company has developed throughout the years by having a profound information and enthusiasm for natural terracotta product to fulfil the client’s needs.

The unique colour variation in our terracotta is not available elsewhere. We have been manufacturing handmade terracotta since 2001.

  • All our Terracotta Tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • All our tiles are suitable for underfloor heating
  • All our tiles are handmade and to the highest quality

What is handmade terracotta?

Handmade terracotta differently from the industrial one is a product which is difficult to be found on the market. Since it takes long time to be manufactured, it does not combine with the modern market logic because of its production expenses and time. Manufacturing process dates back to ancient times and is extremely complex: handmade terracotta is baked in an oven by lighting a fire using about 7000 kg of wood faggots. The wood-fired oven is placed in a kind of farmhouse: on the ground floor is located the combustion chamber where wood faggots while bursting into flames expand the furnace. The baking chamber placed upstairs on the first floor containing tiles, vases, and other objects is connected downstairs with the combustion chamber through some slits which enable flames to reach the right temperature and bake the terracotta manufactures. The door is walled up, thus causing a temperature increase. The various clay objects are left inside for four days. The first day temperature remains constant then it starts to decrease. The standard 2cm thickness tiles baking process lasts 20 days and the thin terracotta 1cm baking process is 40+ days.

Even if this process is still long and we consider this wood baking technique still important. For this reasons we have our experts in order to produce handmade terracotta items according to this ancient traditions, thus creating a selection of unique pieces whose sizes and shades can change.

Your handmade terracotta floor tiles will become a unique pattern recalling the flavour of ancient times.

Do our handcrafted terracotta tiles resist even to very low temperatures?

Handmade terracotta tiles like all the other handcrafted clay floor tiles are not provided with the European anti-freeze certification that certifies the frost-thaw-resistance of the floor up to 100 kg, thus guaranteeing that its surface remains unaffected by craters and clefts. For this reason these regulations are not valid, since they refer to a handmade product that is unique and unrepeatable. Only do industrial machine-pressed terracotta tiles resist to such extreme conditions, because they are machine-pressed. Whereas handmade terracotta tiles also called “soft paste terracotta” are a kind of hand-pressed terracotta tiles that develop some little craters and clefts on their own surface after the 50th freeze – thaw cycle. Handmade terracotta tiles however have always been used for external flooring and also for typical Tuscan roof covering, thanks to their high resistance to frost. As a matter of fact if installed on a slight sloping surface they resist to stagnant water and to water infiltration’s. For this reason Terracotta tiles are frost proof suitable for outdoor use.

Our Exclusive Presealed Terracotta

Our pre-sealed terracotta tiles are individually treated by hand with two coats of boiled linseed oil, then another three coats of stone sealant/clear varnish. During each step the tiles are left to dry before another coating is applied- which gives it the lovely shiny finish. This is a special ‘high-build’ treatment method giving excellent performance, longevity, flexibility and outstanding results.
We have developed this exclusive range to reduce the cost for our customers & make life easier (no further treatment/sealing needed). It also provides a resilient protective layer against water, dust, dirt and a variety of commonly found household contaminants.

Our Exclusive Thin Terracotta Range

Our exclusive thin 1cm terracotta have been slow baked, wood fired inside the kiln for 40+ days which makes them very durable once installed.

Baked Earth has been supplying the thin 1cm to commercial projects at Body Shop Showrooms in the U.K. Europe and Worldwide.

We recommend customers to add extra 10% when ordering this range. The 1cm terracotta are suitable for walls and floors throughout the property.

Our eco-friendly terracotta is made of natural clay and its unique colour variation, called Rangamati, is not available anywhere else. (The term 'Rangamati', it is said, originated from the reddish/pinky and amber soil of land. The water is sourced from the local river. We have made sure the baking process is only carried out using responsibly sourced with wood faggots and dead palm tree roots.

It’s important to us that our business and trade has a positive impact on the people it touches; especially the workers who make our products. We believe that ethical trade is about providing good quality jobs for all workers in our supply chain.

To make sure this happens, we are always looking to better understand workers’ needs and work in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders to better meet these needs. We are committed to delivering a programme that provides direct improvements to working conditions in the factories that supply to us. 

We have made sure our factory has effective systems in place for monitoring and managing issues such as wages and working hours in place, and they have managers and supervisors who  have the knowledge and ability to resolve any workers’ issues.

Should you require any further information, Please email us:

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Totally Terracotta – Ten Need-To-Knows FAQ.

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