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Are Baked Earth Terracotta Tiles Responsibly Sourced & Eco-friendly?

Our Supplier/factories

We import our handmade terracotta directly from our family owned factory based in Bangladesh. We regularly visit our factory and check up on the manufacturing process on a regular basis.

Our eco-friendly terracotta is made of natural clay and its unique colour variation, called Rangamati, is not available anywhere else. (The term 'Rangamati', it is said, originated from the reddish/pinky and amber soil of land. The water is sourced from the local river. We have made sure the baking process is only carried out using responsibly sourced with wood faggots and dead palm tree roots supplied locally in  Bangladesh.

It’s important to us that our business and trade has a positive impact on the people it touches; especially the workers who make our products. We believe that ethical trade is about providing good quality jobs for all workers in our supply chain.

To make sure this happens, we are always looking to better understand workers’ needs and work in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders to better meet these needs. We are committed to delivering a programme that provides direct improvements to working conditions in the factories that supply to us. 

We have made sure our factory has effective systems in place for monitoring and managing issues such as wages and working hours in place, and they have managers and supervisors who  have the knowledge and ability to resolve any workers’ issues.

Should you require any further information, Please email us:

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