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Do I need to Seal Terra Cotta Tiles?

Sealing the Tiles: Terracotta tiles are generally more porous than most floor tiles so it is important to take care to seal the tiles fully. It is important for the correct products to be used when sealing, finishing and maintaining your tiles. The products we have selected have been specifically chosen to enhance, protect and maintain your tiles. You should expect the sealing process to darken both the tiles and grout. Please be aware that any deviation from our recommendations could affect the appearance, capabilities and longevity of your tiling. Preparation: Traditional sealing method (rustic, antique, matt finish) Prior to sealing the adhesive bed should be dry and cured and the grout joints clean, dry and free from adhesive residues, dirt, dust and other loose debris. The tiles must be dry and clean otherwise you may seal in dirt or moisture which will impair the final appearance. The process of sealing should be kept meticulously clean and all materials including brushes and cloths etc should be new and unused. The drying times recommended below may be altered by the actual site conditions (heat, humidity, ventilation etc). Please refer to the manufacturers’ guidelines on drying times for each product. Be led by your professional Installer. We recommends that traffic across a newly sealed floor is kept to a Minimum for the first week as sealants can take a few days to fully oxidize and may not be fully effective during this time. We recommend sealing Terracotta with 2-3 coating of boiled linseed oil and 1-2 coats of antique Wax. We recommend that a number of sample tiles are tested for porosity, which will give an indication of the amount of sealer the tiles will require. The tiles will readily absorb the first application of sealant and as a rough guide you should expect to use up to 75% of the sealant on the first application.)


Natural invisible sealing method using impregnator (Matt finish) For Rustic Unsealed Terracotta Tiles & Pale Terracotta Tiles. We recommend sealing Terracotta with 2-3 coats of impregnator stone/terracotta and also 1-2 coats of Stain Stop if desired otherwise the stone sealer is perfectly fine.  This method does not darken the tiles.



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